Blackburn Hawks Golf Day – Player Announcement

Anthony Kinder 2002-2003 – 2010-2011

What did Anthony bring to the club?

Not many people know I went to school with Anthony, he is a proper Blackburn lad. So when he went on to play for the Hawks under Bobby Haig at such a young age, I knew how much it meant to him & I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Kinder always played the game with a physical edge & never backed away from dropping the gloves. He also had a great shot and an eye for goal. Anthony was one of many juniors to come through back in the day & he always did anything that was asked of him which made him a main stay in the team for a decade.

My favourite memory of Anthony in a Hawks shirt?

For me it was probably one of my first games against Whitley which was at home. It was more like a jousting competition than an ice hockey match. If memory serves me correctly I think Kinder had been on the wrong side of a dirty hit, and had to leave the ice with a cut. Never the less he took the guys number, returned to the game and delivered an almighty hit on the Whitley guy in front of the benches. Needless to say it kicked off, but that was Anthony’s mentality. No backing down. I respect that.

What do I think Anthony will be like as a golfer?

I know he’s been playing quite a bit the last couple of years. Once the golf bug bites it really takes a hold of you. Anthony has managed to lower his handicap a fair bit, so I think he will be a handy acquisition to any of the platinum sponsors looking to find themselves a good golfer for their group. Not only that but when Kinder speaks about the Hawks he is as passionate as myself and Aaron so again he will be great to spend a round of golf with sharing Hawks stories from years gone by.

Ollie Lomax #21