Blackburn Hawks Golf Day – Player Announcement

Mark Johnson
Blackburn Hawks 1992 – 1997

What did Mark bring to the club?

Well I’ll tell you a story here. Mark is the reason why I took up ice hockey in the first place. He wasn’t the biggest guy out on the ice but I tell you what, every shift was at 100mph, a real ‘team first’ guy and a charismatic number 21. As a young kid in the stands, I told my dad I want to be like him. So that’s the reason why I wore no21, to be like Mark. I tried to model my game on his and going on to meet the guy and become friends, the 6 year old me would’ve never believed it.

Also since Planet Ice has taken over control of the Hawks we have seen subtle changes to how the players are looked after, with equipment and stuff like that it goes a long way. So hats off to Mark and John Neville from PI who have always had soft spots for this massive club.

My favourite memory of Mark in a Hawks shirt?

Like I said once I became hooked on the hawks I used to really look forward to going to the rink on a weekend to watch the game. I remember getting there early and studying the players on warm ups. The white and teal home kits with the black numbers on the back were iconic. Whenever Mark was on the ice it was always high octane, never backing down and doing the dirty jobs for the team. I used to watch him like a Hawk (sorry) every shift like a student. So my favourite memory of Mark is being the perfect role model and never having a night off.

What do I think Mark will be like as a golfer?

Well I know he plays a bit, especially with his son Luc, who is also joining us on the day. If you’ve heard the term “Shark” in golf, I think that will apply to Mark, so if I was a platinum sponsor I’d be getting him on my team. Also he knows a lot about the British game of hockey so he will be great company to play a round with.

Ollie Lomax #21 (after Mark Johnson)