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November 17, 20200

I’m a firm believer in the saying “From the Horse’s Mouth”.  One thing that happens in life, and especially with the advent of Social Media is that things get lost in translation and blown out of all proportion, so we’d like to stay as transparent and as open and honest as we can as we go forward in these difficult and testing times.

Carl and I, as owners speak at least two or three times a day; the Media Team led by Esther schedule and plan posts every day and try to stay as fresh as we can with any news we have; the Coaching Staff are at the moment working hard behind the scenes meeting criteria that is needed to enable them to do their jobs once the team hits the ice, and off the ice Dean, Adey and Sharon are constantly in touch with the EIHA making sure criteria is met due to the ever changing landscape.  People really are working their socks off so we have a firm foundation once we get the green light to start.

One of the main topics over the recent weeks has been the new kits.  We as owners believe that our designs are second to none, and this is down to the commitment and input from our Digital Marketing Team at Key & Eagle.  They really have gone above and beyond to bring to you, our loyal fans, a unique product, worthy of commendation.  Sadly the lockdown has put and end to our weekly practice sessions, and we will review the situation once we get out of the other side.  Who knows by then there could be some light at the end of the tunnel after the recent success of the “streaming series”.  

We have a League AGM on the horizon, which Adey and I will be attending (virtually of course).  I for one am a huge fan of face to face meetings – I’m not known for my IT skills ha ha, so at least at this end it’ll be good to get the gang back together at Blackburn Golf Club, which has now become home to us for our collective gatherings etc.  Talking of which, how much of a success was the Golf Day back in August? I’ll tell you, it was 100%!  Well done to the organizers, it was great to catch up with some old familiar faces such as Jim Pennycook and Mark Johnson.  I know Ollie, Nicole and the gang have started preparing for next year’s event already!

So I hope this helps answer a few questions as to where we are at as a club at the moment.  As I’ve stated a few times already, the past remains in the past, it’s new beginnings for all of us in these uncharted waters, but so far we seem to be doing just fine.  One thing that Carl and I have said many times is that we can’t wait for that first weekend when we hopefully have a home and away game, seeing the crowds flocking back with renewed vigour and optimism, and then boarding our new vehicle heading up the road with that family feeling back onboard.  Here’s hoping that’s sooner rather than later!




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