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July 6, 20201

Planet Ice are pleased to announce that the control and operation of the Blackburn Hawks Ice hockey team has been passed to Graham Lomax and Carl Everitt starting from this season. An initial three-year licence has been granted to Lomax and Everitt to operate an ice hockey team under the name of the Blackburn Hawks initially in the division 2 North League or the equivalent in the event that the league structure changes prior to the start of the season.

Planet Ice will retain the intellectual property rights to the Blackburn Hawks so as to ensure that both the team operated by Lomax and Everitt and the Blackburn Junior Hawks can utilise the name, the Blackburn Hawks.

Heath Rhodes, Chief Operating Officer for Planet Ice said; “over the past few years it has become apparent that in order for the Blackburn Hawks to grow it needs to be operated by an ownership group who are based locally and who can commit energy and passion to the team. We wish Graham and Carl every success and we look forward to them realising their ambitious plans to significantly grow the audience for ice hockey in Blackburn”.

Speaking about taking the fantastic opportunity to operate and control the Blackburn Hawks, Lomax and Everitt commented,

“We are absolutely delighted to be offered the opportunity to take ownership of The Blackburn Hawks. Having been in and around the club and league for several years we feel we know what it takes to bring the “halcyon days” back into Blackburn Arena”.

“Heath Rhodes of Planet Ice contacted us several weeks back gauging our interest and we cordially agreed to meet and have informal discussions as to where we felt we could take the club and the general direction it needed to go, and it was clear from that meeting that we were all singing from the same hymn sheet”.

“It’s also clear that the Team needs a little TLC and the patient passionate fans need something to once again get them excited about, and we’d like to think that we can bring that to them, No, In-fact we know we can bring that to them. Our ethos going forward is very simple, it’s like a building project, knockdown what currently exists, put in new foundations and build upwards toward the sky”.

“One thing we can guarantee, is commitment and professionalism, not only as owners but in the Coach we appoint and subsequently players that he’ll recruit. Blackburn Hawks has a fantastic facility, it also has a solid core fan base we want to build on this and take the club forward, we feel that fan engagement will be key and we aim to put together a team of volunteers who have the desire and belief to make this a special place to play once again”.

“We look forward to working with our loyal fans, Coaches, players and Planet Ice to create a fan experience to be proud of. Today is day one for us, we can’t change the past, but we can change the future”.

Going forward all of the Blackburn Hawks social media and the website will be operated by the new organisation and any correspondence that Planet Ice receives in relation to the

Hawks will be passed onto Lomax and Everitt and any outstanding orders for shirts from last season will be honoured by Planet Ice. In terms of own ‘n’ loan shirts from last season Planet Ice will liaise with Lomax and Everitt to ensure that the fans receive them in a suitable manner.

Planet Ice looks forward to seeing the new operators of the team establish themselves and their brand and we are sure that Blackburn hockey fans will be in for an exciting season.

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