Dom on Devids Return:

It was no question that if we had the chance to resign Devids it was going to happen. Devids was and are an integral part of our roster. He is unlike most imports who are willing to play a good hard two-way game that will get most players where they want to go. He does not substitute offence for defence in any situation. Not to mention he can score goals and make plays as he has proven this at our level. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and brings a bit of grit to our side as well. Devids is clear about his hockey goals and he wants to play at the highest level possible. I feel Devids will get there and anyone would be lucky to have him when he’s ready. Last season for a lot of us like Devids was about getting to know the league and getting his foot in the door. Most of the time he would just run through it head first and that’s such a good quality to have from a guy, especially an import. Guys can learn a lot from him as he plays a North American-style two-way game that you need to do to get to the next level as he learned when he spent time in the junior system in the US. His attitude and team fist mentality is first class and i am so excited to see what he will do now that he has a feel for the league.

Devids on return to Hawks
23/24 season here we go, excited for the season, and can’t wait to see all the fans back in the building with an amazing atmosphere. Let’s set the tone from the beginning!

Blackburn Hawks