Dom On Charles:
Charles is a guy who we saw a bit later on in the season. He was mentioned by Elliot Bayne from Aces and asked if we could have a look as he thought he was further along in his pathway. He started skating with us just before Christmas and has ever since. As just a 16-year-old we wanted to make sure he was capable of handling the next level. We were able to get his dispensation just in time at the deadline as he was due to play with us in the cancelled fixture when Nottingham Lions didn’t make the trip. Unfortunately with clashes in the other fixtures, it wasn’t until last weekend against Nottingham we got to see where he is at in games.
Ollie and I feel he is ready to take the next step in his development pathway. We feel he will also boost our lineup and add depth to our D core even at such a young age! We plan on getting his games in so he will be able to play in playoffs for us as well.
Charles is serious about his development and wants to compete at the highest possible level that he can. We are about to open that door and when we did he had no problem walking through it. I am excited to see how Charles fits in down the stretch and if it’s anything like it was in Nottingham when we played this last weekend I can tell you he will do just fine. I know first hand he had an opportunity to play elsewhere in the league but after explaining the path away we could provide we are thankful he decided to give us the opportunity to work with him. Welcome on board Charles.

Charles Phillips on Blackburn:
I am really looking forward to taking up this fantastic opportunity to grow and develop into such a great team of young players with fantastic coaches. I plan to work hard and bring my best game, can’t wait to get started!

Blackburn Hawks