To be able to say we have secured another player on a two-way contract I’m sure is not a surprise by now. I will say though, being approached and to be able to secure an 18 year old player who is further along than most and just on the cusp of a regular role on such a competitive team like the Knights was quite flattering to our organisation. In just a few games last season, he proved what he can do at our level before being called up to play in the national league. After speaking to a few people about Tate it sounded so promising to have the type of player and person we strive to have in the organisation. He will fit in with the guys we have as they are all the same. After speaking with Tate it became more relevant that he is exactly what we are looking for here at the Hawks.
I feel he will come in and make an immediate impact for us to help us with more offence but play a two-way game as well. To get him so close to the deadline is big for us. Tate is serious about his development and has the heart to play in Leeds and knows what it takes to have to play for such a competitive team at that level so I have no doubt he will do it right. When I spoke to him, what stood out to me most is that it wasn’t all about him and his own development but about how he is passionate to come to us and play as a team first guy next to working on his game and development. This gives me complete confidence he will be as competitive and passionate with us as he will be with Leeds. I would like to thank Ryan Aldridge and the Leeds Knights for helping this process happen so quickly to help Tate get to us for the weekend.

Tate Shudra #26
on Blackburn Hawks

“I’m looking forward to joining the Blackburn Hawks for the remainder of this season and excited to be playing with these boys. It’s a great team and organisation and I look forward to improving my game and contributing to the team any way I can.”

Blackburn Hawks