Dom on Rui Tait #70
I’m really excited to bring more young talent to the team.  I first heard of him through Greg Woods when we were able to solidify our relationship with the national teams side in the beginning of the season.  It’s something we have said we wanted to do from the beginning.  We wanted to grow our younger talent pool and I feel that we have a great young prospect to add to the already younger core. When we spoken to Rui and he was looking for a change we spoke mainly about where we can help Rui’s development and he was very excited.  We have secured relationships down at the NIHL2 level that will allow extra ice time for these guys to play and continue to play at a senior level.  We always said we wanted these guys to play up with us as much as possible but also continue to develop by still playing as much as possible in the lower leagues.  I know for a fact that he has been skating with the steeldogs at the national level and with those guys he will continue to skate at a higher level.  We wanted players that want to commit to their development and feel tat Rui will invest in that.  With the help of Woody and the guys over in the steeldogs organisation combined with what we can offer we feel he will commit and do a great job.  Welcome to Blackburn and look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future. 

Rui on Blackburn 
I’m really excited to be joining. The atmosphere in Blackburn has always been something I have always found amazing. I can’t wait to develop with dom as he’s a great coach, and the team has made me feel really welcome. I can’t wait for my future in Blackburn! 
Blackburn Hawks