‘Blackburn Hawks IHC Club Statement

‘Further to a recent statement by the club in relation to matters reported in the Lancashire Telegraph, whereby Blackburn Hawks Co-Owner Graham Lomax was suspended until the outcome of the internal investigation.

The investigation has now been concluded and the club wishes to re-iterate that any form of racism, discrimination or prejudice is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We do not believe that Mr Lomax holds the views previously demonstrated.

Clear expectations around appropriate behaviour and language, have been sent to all people involved in the club (including Mr Lomax) and any matters moving forward that are reported to the club will be taken seriously.

Mr Lomax is very apologetic for any further offence the matter relating to 2013 may have caused and has assured the club that all offending comments/tweets have been deleted.

As a club, we have communicated with our BAME Community Partners and our Corporate Sponsors, reassuring them of our values and principles.

Mr Lomax is no longer suspended and is free to carry out his duties as Co-Owner of the Blackburn Hawks in line with our Code of Conduct.

In addition to the above investigation, it has been established that the Club and some of it’s officials (including our Media Manager) are being attacked on social media and via email due to matters relating to their individual past and not whilst representing the Blackburn Hawks IHC. We take the potential harassment, distress and intimidation of all people involved in the club very seriously and therefore we have referred the matter to Lancashire Police and instructed our legal counsel to fully support action being taken against individuals and/or organisations where necessary.

There will be no further comments made in reference to the above whilst Police investigations take place’

Blackburn Hawks