Dom on Brodie Kay #93
To say we’re excited to have Brodie join from the Kestrals with us here on out when he is available is an understatement. We have always said that we want to try and help players develop but also keep our team competitive. In this case we are doing both. We have been very unlucky with a couple injuries early and at the moment with Kent filling in for the short handed Seahawks we don’t have the size roster that I personally would like to see and thought we would have. We also progressed Lee Pollitt to Hull in the national league so I wanted to see if we could get a bit deeper.
We’re down a couple players very early but our boys are doing a fantastic job. We want to give them more support.
The relationship in Kirkaldy is growing rapidly and when I asked Wishart if there were any players that may want to invest in their development and could help us Brodie became the focus of the conversation. From the clips that I have seen he is an unbelievable skater and no doubt will play in the elite league one day if he continues to work at it. I have coached skating for a long long time and his stride is a skating coaches dream. I truly believe he will be an effective player in our league and on our team on his skating alone.
Brodie is playing alongside an ex elite league player in the SNL that I played against in my Stingray days who will be helping him learn the game at the moment so no doubt will bring experience for a younger player. I’m so excited to work with Brodie to continue his development and can’t wait to see what he will bring to the Hawks when he’s available from the Kestrals to ice for us.

Hi Dominic, short statement from Brodie :

I am really excited to be given this fantastic opportunity with the Blackburn Hawks, I’m extremely grateful to play in the NIHL1 at 16 years old and know it will help me progress and help me develop as a player. I hope I can play a part in contributing towards the teams success.

I am also grateful to my home club Kirkcaldy juniors and Kirkcaldy Kestrels coaches who have allowed me to play on a 2 way contract in the SNL & NIHL1.

Blackburn Hawks