A spokesperson for Edge Hill commented:

"As part of our sport therapy placement provision, Edge Hill University is delighted to establish a collaborative partnership with Blackburn Hawks, providing a great experience in a sport that will deliver new and exciting challenges to our students."

Head coach Dom has this to say on the partnership

When we first discussed the route that we wanted to take to be as professional as possible we knew we had to make a move to bring in a physio.  
I was contacted by Lynsey from Edge Hill and immediately knew we our paths would align for what we were both looking for.  
Hockey is a tough sport and to be able to keep the players at their top strength it is important that they have someone there for them day in and day out.  It’s yet another step towards making Blackburn the place where players want to be but also know they will be looked after.   Beth is going to be with us throughout training and at our games to help the boys stay fit and healthy.  
When we met with Lynsey who introduced us to Beth we knew it would be the perfect fit.  So far Beth has proved to be part of the team right from the start.  She’ll have her work cut out for her but we thank Lynsey and Edge Hill for helping bring us together.  We know Beth will represent the university well and we’re so happy to have her as a hawk.  Thank you again to Lynsey, Edge Hill University and Beth for looking after the boys. 
Blackburn Hawks