Graham Lomax commented:

The club received an email several months ago from Gary Robinson (CEO of Blackburn Rovers Community Trust) asking if Carl and I could meet with him to discuss a partnership and potential sponsorship package.
Of course we could, and a meeting followed, at this time we were building the clubs profile in the community ourselves, so what a better time to discuss how we could work together.
Unbeknown to us Gary had been to a game earlier in the season that had resulted in us winning in overtime, he and his son were blown away by the whole match night experience and the help from all of our volunteers, not only did Rovers want be a sponsor but they were so impressed by the whole event and were intrigued at how we do it, so much so another meeting took place with Blackburn Rovers Commercial Dept.
Rovers Community Trust is a charitable organisation that works out of the whole of the Darwen End side of Ewood Park and deal with countless organisations within the North West.
Gary asked if they could be a shirt sponsor and the logo of the trust feature on our shirts, and shortly after terms where agreed and we’re happy to announce an official partnership between the two town teams.
Shortly after the meeting Carl and I discussed the prospect and looked at ways to promote the Trust.
It’s a massive feather in our caps that the community trust of the club with the stature and history in the town has asked us to partner with them, and we can’t wait to get started together, it’s just the beginning of a very exciting partnership, and one that will benefit the whole community and town.
We are extremely grateful to Gary and the trust for there support in the project.

BRCT Chief Executive, Gary Robinson had the following to say about the new partnership with the Hawks:

‘As a community organisation, Blackburn Rovers Community Trust want to work with other like-minded community partners to strengthen our local area and support the people we are fortunate to engage with. Blackburn Hawks deliver an incredible matchnight centred around, great valued family entertainment Matchnight on a Sunday Evening. We look forward to working with the Blackburn Hawks on some exciting projects, this coming season and beyond!’

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