Head Coach Dominic on Malachi Budd #90
Malachi is another younger guy who will be playing and training with the Bulldogs this season on a two way. Again I heard pretty early about Budd. I wanted to see him skate and when I did I was impressed again with his conditioning and speed.
He has the aspirations to play at a higher level and as a younger guy I feel with the work he will put in that we can help him accomplish this.
Between playing with Andy Browns Bulldogs and training with us at the NIHL1 level I feel it will push his development to get to us sooner on well.

Malachi on Blackburn
I’m Malachi Budd ,18 years old from the Falklands islands I’m excited to play my first season at the higher levels.I can’t wait to play in front of the fans and for the hawks

Blackburn Hawks