New Hawks Forward, Darmani James on signing for the Hawks:

‘I am excited to be apart of Blackburn for this upcoming season with a great set of lads and fans, I think this will be a good kick start off to my senior career and can’t wait to see what we can achieve as a club’

Hawks Head Coach Dom Osman commented:

‘I’d heard about Darmani pretty early in the summer. We have had a lot new blood in our roster and we have stuck to the vision we had of bringing young players in with the potential to play at the highest level in the UK. We are committed to giving our all to help them succeed at our level and move onto the next.
When I saw him skate it was clear he fit right into our plan. Darmani is a good young talent who can skate with speed and shoot really really well. He brings size too which is a bonus. Darmani will be spending time skating with Leeds Knights on a two way contract. Ryan Aldridge and I believe that with the game time and training at our level, as well as training at the national level, it will help his expedite his progression to the next level. No doubt if Leeds runs into trouble, knock on wood he will be a good option to fill the gap after gaining more game time experience.
Like the younger talent we have with us this season he will strengthen our line up and bring more depth throughout the team.
It’s important for these guys to understand the process and Darmani gets it along with the other boys. We are really pleased with this signing and I can’t wait to see what he will accomplish at this level. I have complete confidence he will be great for us. Welcome aboard Darmani.

Blackburn Hawks