The Blackburn Hawks are delighted to announce the appointment of our new head coach for the 2022/2023 season, Dominic Osman, he’ll be joined by Ollie Lomax – Assistant Coach and Steve Hirst – Assistant Bench Coach. 

Newly appointed head coach Dominic Osman expresses his thoughts and thrill on his appointment: “I would just like to say how excited I am to start with the Hawks. I feel extremely humbled and thankful to Graham, Carl and Ollie for the opportunity to work alongside them to keep this great organization moving forward. The stars definitely had to align with the organization, my family, and work for this to happen and I cannot thank them enough for the support all three have shown me so far to take this position. After the little time I have spent in Blackburn so far, I have no doubt in my mind that if we all work together towards one vision, we can put a topflight team on the ice that the fans, players, city and everyone involved can continue to be proud of. I truly believe that the professionalism that this club has shown so far and the core group of players we have, we can really turn this into something even more special than it already is. To say I can’t wait to get started is an understatement, but it already has.”
Assistant coach Ollie Lomax stated the following: “I’m delighted to be back with the club and super excited to be working with Oz. Having met Dom during the summer it’s clear to see and feel the hunger that he has inside for the game. It just needed re-awakening and I am buzzing that he has chosen to come on board as head coach. I can’t wait to work alongside him and tap into his knowledge of the game. Not only that but I believe my experience in the league and longevity at this club will be pivotal in helping Oz settle here and ensure that we hit the ground running. Last year has stood me in good stead and I enjoyed every minute. The love for the game had started to fade for me once I hung up the skates but I’m so grateful to the owners and both Ryan Finnerty and Mike Clancy for leading me down the path of coaching. I was hesitant at first but once I took on the role full time and engaged with the lads, I had a ball last season. I think that this new role will suit me behind the bench, and I can’t wait to start building the roster with Oz. I will do anything for this club, from picking pucks up after practice, being there for the boys both as a friend and a coach, to cleaning the bus after an away trip. I love this place. I’m so energised to be back involved, to be working with a great guy like Oz & making our organisation the best it can be. For our fans. I’d like to thank Nicole, Layla & Freya for supporting me again in my new capacity, without them I’d be nothing. Let’s get to work.
”Assistant coach Steve Hurst stated “My name is Steve Hirst, as you know I am a level 2 coach, and I am currently coaching the Blackburn Hawks academy teams from ages 6 to 18 (future Hawks in the making). I am excited and honoured to be asked back to join the coaching staff at Blackburn Hawks for this coming season. I stood in for a short spell towards the end of last season and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The professional way the club is run along with the coaching team gives me great hope for the future. Exciting times are ahead for us all. We have the best fans in the league, the best support network and now with our new coaching staff we will go forward into the new season with a strong, competitive and professional line up and I for one cannot wait to be a part of it. Go Hawks!”
Carl Everitt had the following to say on the Hawks Coaching Team for this upcoming season: “To say that we are excited by this year’s Hawks Coaching Team is an understatement. Reflecting on last season, it was clear that there were plenty of positives and elements of the season we were very proud of. However, we knew that this upcoming season we needed to put together a more competitive roster and add more EIHL & NIHL experience to the Coaching Team, to not only enhance the team but to help coach and develop our upcoming coaches, including Ollie Lomax, who’s done an incredible job with the team as Interim Head Coach. We are very grateful for Ollie’s efforts, and we are delighted he will continue to work with the team this upcoming season. When it came down to appointing our new Head Coach, it wasn’t easy as geography and existing commitments were natural factors as to whether the right candidate could commit to the club, and we were looking for high level experience and we were delighted when we received a recommendation for Dominic Osman. On meeting with Dominic, talking about his Elite League & National League Experience both as a player and Coach along with our vision and his ambitions, was fantastic, as we are very much aligned in our goals. I look forward to Dom and the Coaching Team building a competitive roster for this upcoming season and entertaining the best fans in the league from September #COYHawks #ProjectHawks”
Co-owner Graham Lomax expressed his excitement in the following statement: “I’m absolutely over the moon that someone with the profile of Dom has joined our organization. The passion that he showed for the job was overwhelming, the fact that someone of his calibre recognizes our vision and acknowledges our professionalism is really humbling for us all. Once Carl and I decided the direction we needed to take the club, we started a plan to bring in the right guy to take us to the next level, we were extremely patient but at the same time understood the urgency needed to bring in the right person and I’m convinced we have our guy. In this industry there are so many things that must line up for it to work, for example, location, family, business/work and having the commitment and wanting the same thing and direction as the management group. Dom comes with a vast wealth of experience playing in the NCAA and ECHL as well as the Elite League as an Import and National League as Player Coach/ GM. Our business plan was always stability in year one, to then building a successful business and fanbase in year two, and I think it’s fair to say with our support we more than exceeded our goals last season, but it was important that year three yielded a stronger more consistent roster and results. Last year saw some terrific games (certainly at home) but at times some frustrating and disappointing ones, but we really do appreciate the effort the lads put in and especially the coaching team under some very difficult circumstances, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their collective efforts and we’re delighted to see Ollie and Steve return as they’ll also learn from the new Head Coach. I think it’s only fair that we support the team going forward and give them everything they need to assemble the right personnel to take us forward, I know that all of our fans will be really excited than ever before, as both Ollie and I always say there is nowhere in the league as good as Blackburn to play, it’s part of all of us, it’s engrained in us, we bleed Blackburn blood. I’m convinced more than ever now that the future is very bright, and we can build on those really firm foundations, ALL of us, fans, volunteers, sponsors and most importantly Players, have helped cement. So, it just remains for me to say on behalf of EVERYONE. Dominic Osman, Welcome to Blackburn Hawks

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