The last home game of the 2021/22 season, well that’s been some roller-coaster ride hasn’t it?

To be honest when I look back it’s had everything and that been proven with the amount of fans new and old that now turn up at the arena on a weekly basis, it’s been amazing to see, but I’ll come back to that soon.

This weekend sees us play Whitley Warriors in the quarter finals of the play offs, a tough ask for us but a challenge I know we have the capabilities to overcome. We’re hoping to have a few more bodies back in the line-up to this weekend, but as it’s a bank holiday I’m writing this earlier than I normally would, so I’ll not know the team just now.

Going back to last weekend’s oh so close performance against the league champions Solway Sharks, (which brings me back to the topic at the beginning) it was heart-breaking to lose, but that performance and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory probably sums up our season, very frustrating and any fan would be entitled to be as disappointed as we were, but NO, not a single negative word.

Once upon a time when the internet was all about forums on websites before social media came along, even then some of our own fans would be very critical of the club and target our players with online abuse, I’m happy to be able to say that that has completely been eradicated from the club. The place as a whole is such a different place to be, any negativity has been removed and it’s such a pleasure these days to walk through the door and read social media now after a game.

When Carl and I took over we identified that the whole attitude at the club, including the arena needed a massive culture change and we set out to try and do this from the top down. Any negativity from within or from external sources has been slowly phased out, and I’m convinced that alone has helped create such a pleasurable environment, long may this continue as we move forward.

So, as the curtain comes down I’ll try and give you a little insight as to which direction we have set our sails. Short term, we have the end of season presentation to finalize and this will be done over the coming weeks and details made clear, we’d like to see as many as possible and make sure everyone gets the opportunity to attend.

Mid term, Ollie Lomax did great for us as our interim Coach up until his suspension, our objective is still to fill the permanent role of Head Coach and we have been speaking to prospective candidates who will be given the backing to assemble a more competitive roster as we build on the foundations we have laid as a business.

Long term, keep building the fanbase and sponsors and of course some Silverware, wouldn’t it be great to see 2000 in the building supporting a winning team, no other club in this league comes close to what we have built, I’ll stake my reputation on that, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger and better.

Hockey Nights at the Arena are now something to behold, tell a neighbour, tell a friend, tell a work colleague, best night out ever, let’s get the place rocking on Saturday, for the last time for a while.

See you Saturday….G

Blackburn Hawks