Last weekend proved one thing if nothing else, “we can beat any team in this league”. As was proved with the overtime win on Sunday against the Sheffield Scimitars, and another overtime win with our import Petr Valusiak producing a bit of magic. Twice though we let a two goal lead slip, from an owners perspective it’s not healthy, I lost count the amount of times I had my head in my hands.

The evening before we’d travelled to Scotland to face the Sharks in Solway, and the performance was far better than the score line would suggest, but you now what? The day out once again was a memorable one for all involved in the coach trip, that’s what we are striving to achieve, and we are well on the way, those that were on the bus will testify, even though the face off was put back to 8pm it didn’t stop the travelling masses having a great day with the boys.

This Sunday sees our rivals the Billingham Stars travel down for the last time this season. Two weeks ago we came up just short losing by the odd goal up in Teesside, let’s hope for another close one in the arena this week.

Sadly I have to mention rivalries again, I keep having to reiterate that it’s healthy as long as it stays within the parameters of acceptability. I have full faith in supporters at games being loyal and proud and getting behind your team, as was evident in Solway last week and Billingham the previous week. What I can’t, and won’t accept is the online stuff that goes on, there really is no need and it’s totally un called for. I beg of you PLEASE think before jumping on that keyboard, we really don’t want to be putting in place policies where we have to refuse entry, but we will should the need arise. This is a family club and a family sport, let’s all get along and play fair.

Moving on….you’ll all be aware that with our partners Key & Eagle along with Dunamis Sports UK we are offering our fans the chance to win a unique shirt in our NHL Night competition, ALL shirts will be available to win, we will be wearing our “one off” Ducks Kit on Sunday in what we believe is a first in this country.

As the season draws to a close we will be constantly moving the club forward and behind the scenes we have lots to plan for, including our “Green Night” and our End of Season Presentation, more details of the both events will be available in due course.

So it just remains for me to say THANKS once again, because that’s what we do. Thanks for getting 1000 people through the door, thanks for getting 1200 through the door, thanks for sticking with us and helping the club grow beyond all expectations, we’ve only just begun, what a place to be on a Sunday night!!

Cheers G.

Blackburn Hawks