Now that the dust has settled we’d like to take this opportunity to continue with our transparency policy and outline our plans going forward and our views on the completed mini series.

Firstly as owners both Carl and I have been absolutely blown away by the commitment of everyone who has helped out over the last few weeks, we really have achieved everything we set out to do.

To be able to bring in an Elite League coach, his analyst and kitman has been a real eye opener, in terms of the planning and preparation that goes into turning good players into even better ones, and we’d officially like to thank Ryan and his team for their services.

The list of thank you’s could go on all-day as everyone really has been fantastic; the coaches, the off-ice gang lead by Craig, the Hawks TV team, Esther and the media team, and our very busy medic Lynne.

We’d like to make a special mention for our Team Manager Adrian Charnock who came into the role completely blind and has had to work a lot out for himself from the very beginning. He’s been superb in these very testing times of Covid etc.

All of the players bought into what we were selling, we have had 100% commitment from every player on every practice to every game, as was proved with the injuries sustained – cheers lads!

Last, but certainly by no means least, we would like to thank you, the fans, who ultimately, all of our efforts have been for, your support means the world to us.

As mentioned we always maintain transparency and therefore we would like to make it known that there was an offer of an extended mini series over the next 8 weeks. As always we discuss things as a collective and did so last Thursday prior to practice, but, on this occasion we felt in the best interests of the club that it was just a bridge too far. We’d focused all of our energy on the recent series and we’ve all earned a well deserved break, which allows us to reset and focus all our attention on regrouping on planning for the new season in Sept.

We’ve put down some great foundations, and it’s been great to get the gang together, the future certainly looks bright once again.

We will endeavour to bring our supporters all developments as we move forward, so in the meantime enjoy the Summer, let’s get out of lockdown and we hope to see you all in the Arena very soon.



Blackburn Hawks