As the wintery weather appears on the horizon it’s usually that time of the year when the Christmas Trees appear in the Four corners of the Arena, and we enter the second half of the Hockey Season.  Sadly that’s not to be this year, but that hasn’t stopped the optimism within the Hawks Camp as we build day by day with a half glass full mentality and hoping for the best rather than fearing for the worst.

At the time of writing this piece there was optimism as all the signs from within the governing bodies are positive on a return to play plan. Having said all of the above we will know a hell of a lot more in the coming days as to the road we all embark on, as there are two meetings planned, one with the NIHL 1 section and one with the whole league where we will be voting for wholesale changes within the Sport hopefully coming under one governing body.

In the meantime the Coaching Staff have been busy assembling a team to put on the ice at short notice if we get the green light to move. It would appear that only teams with the “Elite Status” will be allowed to partake, and if you remember we were one of the very first clubs to do this a couple of months back, which stands us in good stead.  This was down to the diligence of our new management team, and both Carl and I would like to thank them accordingly.

The general feedback so far on the huge changes made at the club has been fantastic, it’s been a monumental effort from everyone to date I’m sure you’ll all agree?  In challenging times it’s nice to have something to cling to and hold out for; there is some light at the end of this very long tunnel.

As Owners it’s so humbling to know that the support and understanding is there and both of us find it so re-assuring to know that once those doors open again, we’ll all be able to share the experience that we’ve all waited so patiently for.

One last thing we’d like to add is that we’ve also met with Heath Rhodes from Planet Ice, all the t’s and all the i’s have now been crossed and dotted for the next three years, and it was so refreshing to be supported so much in our new venture, we’d like to thank him for that. As soon as we have more news over the next few day’s we’ll endeavour to get this to you as soon as possible via our over worked Media Team, Ha Ha.

Yours In Hockey,


Blackburn Hawks