Match Report – Hawks V Solihull Barons

Line up: Hawks 16+2 Barons 17+2

Netminders: Hawks Harrison Walker, Solihull Sam Hewitt

Referee: Roy Hamilton 

The Hawks welcomed the Solihull Barons to Planet Ice Blackburn for and NIHL N morth 1 encounter as Hawks sought to wreak revenge for last week’s 6-4 away defeat.

The fans are treated to some thrilling end to end play from the face off with some heroic saves from Hawks’ 17 year old shot-stopper Harrison Walker.  The Barons pepper Harrison’s net with shots a plenty.  Matthew Maurice skates around Hawks defence far too easily and whips in a lifted shot that finds the top of the net.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 0-1 SOLIHULL BARONS. 4 minutes 57 seconds

With 10 minutes remaining in the first Barons are given too much space and coast into the final third.  Barons give Hawks no respite and bear down on Harrison. He is drawn wide to his right post allowing a pass to the slot can be fired home by Barons’ Callum Bowley.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 0-2 SOLIHULL BARONS. 13 minutes 37 seconds

Hawk’s Lee Pollitt takes Barons’ netminder Sam Hewitt on one-on-one with a dangerous lifted shot but it’s too wide.  He again shows promising play feeding James Riddoch the puck in front of crease. He tips the puck in but Hewitt drops to his pads to save.  Hewitt denies him for a third time as he shoots from short range in front of net.

Just as the Hawks seem to have stepped things up up a gear there’s a delayed penalty against James Riddoch as he takes 2 minutes in the penalty box for tripping giving the Barons a power play.  The Barons work the puck well around Hawks and don’t take long to create gaps in Hawks defence. Baron’s Thomas Soar finds the top shelf from the face off spot to Harrison’s right.

Power Play Goal: Blackburn Hawks 0-3 SOLIHULL BARONS. 19 minutes 7 seconds

End of first: Blackburn Hawks 0-3 Solihull Barons

Hawks show some great communication and well worked play from the start of the second perios and pepper the goal with shots.  All three attempts come close but are somehow kept out.  The Barons counter-attack quickly but Hawks’ Alternate Captain Craig Lutkevitch does just enough to put off former Hawk Adam Brittle and break down Barons’ play.

Hawks do well to keep Barons at the edges of their defensive zone but the danger is not cleared and Barons manage to work the puck into the slot where a waiting #79 snipes the puck home.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 0-4 SOLIHULL BARONS. 24 minutes 32 seconds

Hawks strike back almost immediately. Valusiak approaches goal and Hewitt drops to his pads. Petr circles round the back of net and fires the puck over Hewitt to notch up a goal for the Hawks.

GOAL! BLACKBURN HAWKS 1-4 Solihull Barons. 24 minutes 56 seconds

Petr comes close to doubling Hawks score as Barons are caught scrambling but the puck is kept out.  James Riddoch takes a 2 minute penalty for holding resulting in boos from the Hawks crowd).

Hawks defenseman Ethan Mayoh makes a solid block in front of net to deny the Barons.  He makes a hit but with the Baron already on the way down Hamilton classes it as boarding. He takes a 2+10 minute penalty and the Barons are again 5 on 4.  Barons out-pace the Hawks as Maurice fires in a powerful shot that has Harrison beat.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 1-5 SOLIHULL BARONS. 29 minutes 9 seconds

Hawks change their net minder to Niks Trapans.  The Barons look dangerous on the attack and hit Hawks where it hurts. Former Hawk Phil Mulcahy skates in to the edge of the crease, flicks the puck high and it’s in off the cross bar.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 1-6 SOLIHULL BARONS. 30 minutes 37 seconds

Barons challenge again but a pad save from Traps keeps them on 6.  Frustration boils over and Hawks’ Aaron Davies receives a 2+2+10 for a late hit and Barons are 5 on 4 for 4 minutes

Petr makes a great solo attacking effort short handed but can’t unleash a threatening shot at the end.  Hawks work the puck well between them with one less man to keep Barons at bay.  The puck makes its way to a waiting #17 from behind the net and his accurate one timer passes Traps by.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 1-7 SOLIHULL BARONS. 36 minutes 2 seconds

Hawks’ Valusiak is shoulder to shoulder with Solihull’s David Rogers at the face off and Rogers takes offence. He slashes Petr and tempers rise.  Both players come together but nothing more than words are exchanged.  Barons Rogers sees the box as he takes a 2 minute penalty for slashing giving the Hawks their first power play.

Lee Pollitt passes round the boards in the final third but Neil is not set at the point and the puck is cleared on Barons’ behalf.  Hawks work the puck well until Solihull’s Niklas Ottoson falls and sits on it.  Hawks win the resulting face off to Hewitt’s right and local lad James Royds wastes no time firing the puck on goal. It beats Hewitt to make the back of the net bulge.

POWER PLAY GOAL! BLACKBURN HAWKS 2-7 Solihull Barons. 38 minutes 17 seconds

Barons return to full strength. Hawks come again but Barons clear.  James Neil claims the puck and controls it well under pressure

End of second:Blackburn Hawks 2-7 Solihull Barons

From the third period puck drop Thomas Soar can’t connect in front of net and the puck crosses the blue line to Hawks advantage.  He doesn’t make the same mistake again as he one times the puck passed in from a team mate. His short range shot ends up in the top of the net.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 2-8 SOLIHULL BARONS. 41 minutes exactly

Barons’ Marcus Maynard takes a 2 minute penalty for holding for Hawks’ second power play of the game but Hawks are almost immediately in trouble as Barons look to break. Lee Pollitt chases back to prevent Barons getting very far.  With two Barons against netminder Niks Trapans the goal seems inevitable but Barons’ one-two pass is poor as is the finish which goes wide

Barons return to full strength and #91 scores an incredible goal as he skates behind net, picks the puck up on the tip of his stick and places it back handed into the top of the net.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 2-9 SOLIHULL BARONS. 49 minutes 1 second

Barons use their pace to leave Hawks in the dust.  Niks Trapans a great pad save at full stretch to deny the Barons but they look comfortable and untroubled on the puck. Ronnie Grimes plays well out from the back setting Corey Lee going forwards.  He looks for the return pass in the final third but Corey is surrounded by red shirts and the puck doesn’t reach Ronnie.  Barons Soar and Ottoson combine well for a clinical 1-2 pass through three Hawks defenders. #79 pulls the trigger for Barons’ tenth goal.

Goal: Blackburn Hawks 2-10 SOLIHULL BARONS. 53 minutes 14 seconds

Final score: Blackburn Hawks 2-10 Solihull Barons


Solihull Barons – #79 Thomas Soar

Blackburn Hawks – #79 Petr Valusiak