Blackburn Hawks Golf Day – Player Announcement

Nick Oliver 2016-2017

What did Nick bring to the club?

One of the most fun seasons that I had at the club & Nick was a big part of that. We had such a young team but we ending up putting a run together at the end of the year and finishing 3rd in the league. An absolute character both on and off the ice, all the lads loved Nick. He played the game with an intensity level that I’ve never seen before and well off the ice he’s nothing but an absolute legend.

My favourite memory of Nick in a Hawks shirt?

There’s two moments that stick in my mind. When we played Whitley away, we were all getting it from the crowd like usual at Hillheads. Nick scored an absolute rocket of a clapper and gave it the big licks celly. However, next breath he was on the wrong side of a call that ended up in him taking an early shower. At the end of the period we returned to the shack of a dressing room & Nick had put his fist right through the wall, funniest thing is he said it took him a few attempts.

The second moment of Nick is something that happened off the ice. I won’t go into detail but all the boys from that team will know what I mean. It involved a few sherbet refreshments and a shag pile rug…….. I’ll leave it at that.

What do I think Nick will be like as a golfer?

I think Nick will be the closest resemblance to Happy Gilmore that we have in the ranks. He will hit the long ball & he will have the strangest of techniques. But one thing I know for sure he’ll be one hell of a partner to play with. He really is a top lad & a massive friend of our family.

Ollie Lomax #21