Blackburn Hawks Golf Day – Player Announcement

Stuart ‘Stuey’ Ashton

Blackburn Hawks 2011 – 2018.

What did Stuey bring to the club?

Stuey waited on the sidelines in his first few years at Blackburn Hawks, and was back-up to Daniel Brittle, but when it was his time to shine – did he! He really showed how resilient and powerful he was between the pipes. He finally got his chance to be the “Number One” in 2015 and he really made it his own. He’s the only goalie I know that isn’t afraid of the puck, quite partial to a header, and if anything he loved the puck hitting him. He really was a hard working goalie – too hard on himself, but pushed himself to the limit.

What’s my favourite memory of Stuey in a Hawks shirt?

Over the years, Stu has been my room-mate on away trips and playoffs. My favourite memory is staying awake until stupid o’clock playing on the PlayStation or Xbox with no cares in the world. God knows how many Playstation hours we’ve racked up.

What do I think Stuart will be like as a golfer?

Knowing how Stu was in training and games, theres no doubt in my mind he will be good. I think he’s going to be a dark horse and be one of the ones to beat on the day! Get few whiskeys in him and maybe a streaking Stu will appear.

Aaron Davies #8