Blackburn Hawks Golf Day – Player Announcement

Ollie Lomax

Blackburn Hawks 2003-2004 to 2019/2020

What did Ollie bring to the club?

Ollie brought a strength and determination to the club like no other player I have ever seen, the amount of battles he won against lads twice the size of him shows just how much the club means to him. Not only this but the size of his heart is what made him the player he was and Blackburn Hawks is firmly in there alongside his wonderful family. He really was the heartbeat and bar setter for every dressing room I shared with him. If every player put in the same effort as Oll we’d win every night.

My favourite moment of Ollie in a Hawks shirt?

My favourite moment of Oll is one where he was sat in the stands (from blocking a shot what a shocker), it was the night up in Dumfries when I broke the clubs goal scoring record. In amongst all the celebrations I realised I hadn’t got the puck as I wanted to give it to my Dad. Anyway I turned round and Oll is limping onto the ice shouting at Emerson to retrieve it for me. He actually nearly got ejected from the ice bowl but he managed to get it. That just goes to show that he always put team mates before himself.

What do I think Ollie will be like as a golfer?

Terrible……. I don’t know who he’s going to shout at when he hits a poor shot or where he’s going to sit to cool down. Joking aside I know he’ll be pretty decent he’s been playing a lot recently and I can’t wait to host this event with him.

Where I’m more Happy Gilmore he’s more Tiger Woods.

Aaron Davies #8

Watch this space for further Golf Day announcements!