Blackburn Hawks Golf Day – Player Announcement

Craig Lutkevitch 2018/2019 – 2019/2020 (guest appearances from 2014 onwards)

What did Craig bring to the club?

An unwillingness to never give in. Exactly what you look for in a team mate. Luco has been around Blackburn hockey his whole life. I remember him in his Pittsburgh jersey and his brother Adam from way back in the u10’s, so when he became a fully fledged Hawk, I knew it would mean a lot to him. An absolute rock who would go to war every night for all the boys in the dressing room. So much so Neilly made him assistant captain this year. It’s a shame that the time came to call it a day for Craig as I believe he is a type of player that you need in a team.

My favourite memory of Luco in a Hawks shirt?

Well most of my memories involve the removal of the hockey mittens. One sticks out for me, against the Steeldogs last season where Craig had a fight after someone had left a bit on the NM. So on the way to the box I went over to say my piece & we ended up scrapping again with Luco joining in with the headlock. Not forgetting his countless shot blocks, something that I love & the times he came up with some big goals from the point.

What do I think Craig will be like as a golfer?

Like many of the boys already announced, I know Luco plays a bit in the summer months. I’d imagine he’ll be able to hit long and put a good score together. He’ll also be great for giving advice out and helping his team just like he did on the ice. Both me and Aaron are really pleased that Craig is involved.

Ollie Lomax #21