Blackburn Hawks Golf Day- Player Announcement

Corey Lee – 2019/2020 – present

What does Corey bring to the club?

Corey came to the hawks this season as a fresh new signing. He has a lot of experience and knowledge. His presence in the dressing room is key to keeping the boys loose. He’s ready to give it his all and make sure he leaves it all out in the ice. He took time in finding the net but now he’s a regular on the score sheet. Corey’s vision on the ice is so good it’s something I’ve hardly seen, he can read the game and react quick, a player that any team would love to have. His love for country music is also an added bonus.

My favourite memory of Corey in a Hawks shirt?

My favourite moment of Corey is when we carpool to the games in the midlands. We share the same passion for country music & it’s also a bonus when we visit Nottingham as we always pay a visit to Hooters. Also the first goal in the final last weekend in front of a big home crowd, was a massive moment for the side.

What do I think Corey will be like as a golfer?

He’s mentioned the boys going for a round of golf a few times when the weather picks up, so again I’m expecting big things from Corey. Also one thing that can be guaranteed is that he will post good numbers on the 19th hole.

As a new addition to the club this year I’d like to thank Corey for getting involved in not only the golf day but other community projects. It’s refreshing to see.

Aaron Davies #8